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The Tableland Studio makes it easy to design and deploy tables on Tableland, collaborate with teammates on projects, integrate your project with the Studio CLI, and discover what other users are building on Tableland.

Remember, everything you do on the blockchain is public. Don't use the Studio for any private, illegal, or harmful activities. Respect the law, our community, and each other. Let's create together responsibly!

Start by connecting your wallet using the button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then, log into the Studio using the button in the upper right corner of the screen. You'll be prompted to choose a Studio username, and then you'll be redirected to the Studio page for your personal Team.

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Your work in the Studio is organized into Projects. Learn about any Project by reading its description and viewing its table definitions. Soon, we'll be launching a feature allowing you to clone any project as a quick way to get started.

Featured Studio Projects

DIMO is an open and user-owned network where drivers can plug DIMO hardware into their cars and earn rewards for the data they share. Tableland and DIMO set out to manage the device registry identities to help maintain and update the global list of valid vehicles in a fully transparent way—creating a decentralized, public dataset containing DIMO vehicle definitions. This led to the following benefits: - Open registry of vehicle and device definitions to help provide transparency of DIMO data as a public good. - Permissionless setup with access controls where any approved DIMO manufacturer can create a table and write to their registry. - Reduced onchain storage requirements while data is made available offchain and easily queryable with SQL HTTP APIs, such as in Vehicle NFT rendering. Learn more by following DIMO on Twitter/X:
partners/Hideout Labs
Hideout Labs—the team behind Skvllpvnks and AWKN—is building a platform for an NFT launchpad and marketplace. They worked on a proof-of-concept for adding web3-native storage via Tableland, which gives creators flexibility on their metadata storage location. When developers create a collection, two things occur: an ERC721 avatar is minted, and ERC1155 traits are created. Not only are the core NFTs tradable, but the traits themselves are, too. If you own the traits, they can be toggled on/off—or even sold—and enable true composability across NFT assets. Learn more by following Hideout on Twitter/X:
Here we build Studio with Studio.
A project for all things related to the Tableland Rigs NFT project.

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The Studio is built to make using Tableland easier and more visual; however, many people use Tableland directly as well. Below, you can explore tables on Tableland that aren't necessarily part of any Studio project. You may find inspiration, or even a table you want to use in your own Studio project!

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